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Corporate Identity


Steadily rising in line with the values of our customers, changing needs, wishes and requirements to ensure the highest customer satisfaction consistently meet their expectations. Win the loyalty of many customers by offering a high quality level of service, our fields and our competitiveness to increase our market share by providing superior quality service, employees in these activities, in order to better fulfill our responsibilities to society and the environment;

OZKOK PROPERTY ,  set up to operate in the real estate sector, foreseeing the development of new technologies and the need for investments to be made in this area operates. Team of experts in the field of construction and real estate, broad portfolio and in 1982 has been serving since Yalova. PROPERTY OZKOK ‘ı  then gayrimenkullerimizi who choose to offer all our customers by combining it with previous knowledge and experience in today's knowledge and technology, in line with customer expectations, the best way to meet the needs of the sector by following innovations and developments, with the best and fastest solution alternatives, all employees performing with the principle of effective participation and continuous improvement. Fully meet the needs of our customers, customer satisfaction is our first priority to move the bar top of the world.


“"OZKOK PROPERTY  AS "  The aim of;


. OUR with the quality of our products and service,  

· investing in the future with a sense of   CONTINUITY,

· Capacity of employment law compliance and  CORPORATE IDENTITY with bananas

· efficiency and competitive strength and credibility in the  INDUSTRY .

· Staff,"Excellent Service" approach has been adopted as the principle does not change, and is one of the most important values. Individuals with professional qualifications to be socially active and regular training, and morale and motivation are high. Determine the most appropriate sales and after-sales support and achieve high customer satisfaction and appreciation of the successful location and references to support and motivate us to do something better. The main activities are conducted with the customers' side as a whole have achieved successful financial results and a stronger company in the sector to be the most important goal.

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