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Our Team Of Experts



Mukadder Uçar - Broker / Owner

Mukadder Uçar

"We stay on top of your expectations real estate solutions ...."

Personel Information :
- I was born in 1974 in Sivas;
- Services you can offer to people based on love and life according to my standards through, you can specify your own real estate industry 15 years ago, I decided to turn to;
- House to buy or sell financial, and emotional aspects of life of every human being is one of the most important turning points in his life. At this point, the most important actors who, as one of the fundamental principle of my work, when it comes to the purchase or sale of real estate, providing tailor-made solutions, sincere, honest, efficient and professional service.
In this context under the roof of Ozkok Real Estate, real estate buying, selling and leasing could help you with all your needs related to profession and in doing so I wish to be able to continue to make a difference.

Residential, commercial, land and buildings, investment planning, special projects, construction;

Barış Narlıoğlu - Broker / Owner

Barış Narlıoğlu

"I do not competitive, competition, creating a ..."

Personal Information
- - I was born in 1975 in Kocaeli;
- - For 15 years, the real estate industry a complete, professional and honest service in the understanding of the criteria to select the correct yapmaktayım.En OZKOK REAL ESTATE investment advisory firm will save you both more profitable and will make loss. Sectoral knowledge, technical infrastructure, education and making a difference in the quality of service after the sale of the final expectations in full karşılayacaktır.Tüm Ozkok Real Estate company under this Ozkok "'' My goal in real estate to be a reliable partner for your investment, and you are a happy, prosperous living spaces provide.''


Investment planning, feasibility and real estate exper;
Construction - Project - real estate, offices, housing and residential land

Tuba Uçar - Office Manager

Tuba Uçar

"Am different ... I intend to offer maximum service impeccable! ..."

Personal Information
- I was born in 1982 in Sivas
-I graduated from the University of the Aegean Department of Biomedical Equipment Technology;
-I studied at Ankara University Perfusionist;


Public Relations, Personnel management

Aysel Kahyaoğlu- Estate Agent

"We are not a new home, a new life-style offer ..."

Personal Information
- I was born in 1969 in Bulgaria;
- Sofia University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Classical Literature, Humanities and Social sciences Sociology graduate of Public Relations Departments;
- For a long time, and quickly an expert who is interested in the real estate sector Real Estate brand stepped Ozkok.
- The most difficult decisions of your life in a matter as important as the real estate professional, I will be with you all the time desteğimle. Happy with the excellent service quality to make decisions ...


- Land, Land, Villa, Independent investment advice Buildings;


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